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Ansotech Team

Outsource your information technology to a consulting firm that values your business. Whether your company is looking for a professional web design, application hosting, and opensource support, we are your one-stop information technology experts. For the past nine years, Ansotech has been committed to providing our customers with solutions to their technology problems.


Customer Quotes

AF Evans 

I just want to say that working with Ansotech has been a great experience. We have used their server for over 2 years and when we have a problem, they are the first to react to our situation. They email us during weekends, they have called me on my cell phone on weekends, just making sure all is ok or telling us of something I was not aware of. I have truly enjoyed working with them. They are courteous in every way. They have very good customer service skills and they do make me feel comfortable, and at ease that what ever is happening will be fixed. 

It has been a great ride with Ansotech.

Pam Daniele CPP
Payroll Department



Weiss Insurance Agencies

AnsoTech has served all our IT needs for many years. Ours is a diversified group of companies with a complex computing environment. AnsoTech has proven reliable and innovative, and we have seen tangible cost savings over the years as a result.

Mike Capuder
Vice President of Finance

B.R.E. Properties, Inc.

Prompt, courteous, and professional.  All the qualities that keep us happy as clients of Ansotech.

Juan Luna
Manager of HRIS





Royal Fox Country Clubs

We would be lost without Ansotech. They have found ways to run our business much more efficiently - saving us time and money. 

Anthony Spair
General Manager

UFA Co-operative Limited

What impressed me the most was the way you (Ansotech) handled the implementation of the project; more specifically, the collaboration with the software company (Stromberg) and the project management methodology followed by Ansotech.

Gabriela Farcas, BSc, MBA 
Manager, Application Support & Acting Manager, IT PMO
UFA Co-operative Limited

Elite Staffing Inc.

.....Ansotech helped us reduce our TCO with hosting services and virtualization.  We are no longer experiencing down time due to power outages or ISP outages.  Our uptime is 100%.  With Ansotech, our servers are secured and monitored 24hours.....

.....Ansotech provided consulting in redesigning our customer web site.  We are now able to provide our customers with access to real time data and customizable reports......

Dan Perez
IT Support Specialist
Elite Staffing Inc.


 The Lineage Group

"I have worked with Tony on several projects and have found his work to be superior. Tony meets his deadlines, he is very trustworthy and his work is of the highest quality. I highly recommend Tony." 


Nora Boyer, PhD, MBA, RN

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Property Choices LLC 

"Tony is a bright and creative individual who is always ready to work and provide customized solutions. I have only had great experiences with Tony and his company." 

Paula Bachman Owner

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

 The Stanley Works

"Antonio supplied services for my clients with professional and responsive results. Antonio met or exceeded the expectations during each event of the proposal, negotiation and implementation stage. Antonio has proven to be a impressive business partner."

Jeff Murphy, Field Sales Engineer at The Stanley Works

 Susan Judith Diaz De Leon

"I worked with Tony to help me launch a website I was working on with a local nonprofit. During that time he brought in a lot of experience and great advice. He helped me create a website that was user friendly and easy for others to use. I have recommended Tony to many small business owners and wouldn't hesitate to work with him again." 

 Susan Judith Diaz De Leon, Media Relations/Communications Professional


 WIA Insurance Group/Royal Golf Group /Royal Hospitality Group

 "The old adage was that if you want to be successful in business, you have a good accountant and a good lawyer. The new adage is if you want to be successful you better have a good IT person with a team behind him that supports your business. 

Antonio Sosa is one of the keys to my success and his support team compliments him quite well. Antonio brings enthusiasm, creativity , communication skills and professionalism to our company.

He is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. His ability to create new products and solves problems s is unparalleled. . 

He is valued member of all my companies’ teams. "

John Weiss President CEO 

WIA Insurance Group/Royal Golf Group /Royal Hospitality Group" 

Year first hired: 1995

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

 Weiss Insurance Agency Inc

"In today's business structure, automation is that "right hand person" needed at all levels, reliable, up to date and easy to use. With Automation comes that technical person that makes it all hum... 

Tony Sosa IS that person.. you would not be unhappy with the results he will bring to you, in fact, you will wonder what you ever did without him!!" 

Joy Thompson

Commercial Division V.P. at Weiss Insurance Agency Inc


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